Case Study – Skylight9



Skylight9 Limited are a digital marketing agency based in Tewkesbury. David Jordan and Emma Provins are the 2 directors of the business, aiming to deliver a service to businesses, schools and charities in Gloucestershire to help elevate their brands using online technology such as social media, email marketing, search engine optimisation and website content production. Both directors were new to running a business and having determined that their business idea was workable, formed the company in February 2016.


David and Emma engaged with Price Davis through a referral, pained by gaps in their knowledge with regards to how to move forwards with their business. Having operated for 6 months, Skylight9 were seeking advice which they hadn’t received elsewhere. This ranged from bookkeeping duties, how to record financial information, payroll, forecasting and a strategy to plan for the coming months and years. They were confident with servicing the clients they had begun working with so needed guidance on the best ways they could utilise their time to balance their day-to-day job roles with running the business efficiently.


Our aim was to align Skylight9 with their personal goals and understand their vision as to why they are running a business and what they wanted to achieve. The first task was to engage them with our 12 Steps to Success, which gives insight in to the current position of a start-up business and identifies which areas need addressing from both a compliance and strategy point of view. We met with David and Emma regularly to set manageable goals and targets to grow the business in the direction they want to take it, which meant breaking down projects and ideas in to specific tasks for them to action. By simplifying and prioritising this process, they knew what they had to do to and how to action their next steps. Also, they needed registering with HMRC for compliance and tax returns.


The outcome is ongoing, but the results so far have been two-fold. David and Emma are now more confident with their duties as company directors and have been successful in growing sales for their business. After 15 months, they have moved from an office at their home address to operating from an office in Tewkesbury – which has allowed them to take on their first employee and begin the next steps to growing even further. Skylight9 Limited were also named the Start Up Business of the Year at the 2017 Woman of the Year awards, the culmination of hard work and learning. We continue to meet with David and Emma regularly and look forward to more success in the future.

Skylight9 Local Business Charity Awards 2017