Starting a new business can be both a scary and exciting prospect for any individual or group of individuals. How many of us are out there with a great business idea that could be showcased to the world, and take the industry by storm? In 2016, there were almost 4,000 budding entrepreneurs within Gloucestershire alone, who all took the plunge and began their first tentative steps to launching their own business.

For many it is the fear of failure and a lack of knowledge on how exactly to go about turning their dreams into a reality. Often individuals have the knowledge and expertise on the product or service they are looking to offer but just don’t know how to go about setting up the business itself. The questions are endless, who do you turn to? Where do you start? How do you get business finance? Accounting needs? The list goes on and on, but don’t let this put you off, here at Price Davis we can assist with all your new business queries!

With 20 years’ experience, we are able to offer you expert advice and respond to all your new business needs. Whether you simply have an idea which you wish to see if it’s viable or you have already taken the plunge but are overwhelmed by what you need to do next, we are here to help. Getting an advisor on board should be one of the first things you consider, and is crucial to giving your business a shot at surviving the first year where so many new start-ups fall foul. Price Davis have worked with numerous and varied start-up businesses; from one-man ventures, to larger limited companies, and everything in between! Our professional and friendly personal advisors can help you with many aspects, from giving you feedback on your idea, to assisting you with your year-end accounts.

Through our history of helping hopeful entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and even established companies, we have become adept at realising your individual and business requirements. As such, we are able to confidently identify and recommend other types of advisors you may need to take on board. Whether it be procuring the services of a solicitor, HR specialist, or seeking the advice of marketing professionals.

The right personal advisor should be much more than just another ‘Yes Man’ solely interested in their own bank balance. They will be able to offer you specialised advice within their area of expertise. For example, as accountants, amongst other things Price Davis can provide a valuable insight into your company’s finances, and as a minimum will ensure you stay compliant with both HMRC and Companies House. A lawyer will ensure that all documentation for the company is legally binding, and a marketing professional will help create and implement a strategy to increase your brand awareness. With your business’ best interests at heart, the right advisor will have a genuine passion to see your business reach its full potential!

Still not sure exactly what help you need to get your exciting business venture off the ground? Not a problem, we are working hard to produce a guide to help you discover where you need some advice. Be sure to check our social media to find out when our 12 Steps to Success will be going live, and begin your journey. Don’t write off your dreams because you don’t know where to start! Let us help turn your wonderful ideas into a fully functioning business. We look forward to working with you and helping your business succeed!