If you’ve arrived on this blog you have either arrived via our new website or through social media… thanks for taking the time to read our first blog post! Tax is going (eventually!) digital, so we asked ourselves ‘why don’t we too!?’.

Venturing in to the digital world through embracing social media and having an overhaul of our website is something we are really excited about, but also something we are new to! As qualified accountants, we are submerged daily in the examination and preparation of financial records and, of course, making sure our clients taxes are paid on time. But, we had time to self-reflect and see that although we are qualified in all the above, we are considered so much more than that to the individuals and businesses we work with. We started to feel that our previous website didn’t reflect who we are as a business and ultimately how we engage and work with clients. Our specialism lays with the advice and pro-active support we offer and is why we have clients who have been with us for 20+ years!

Why Work with Price Davis Accountants Painswick

We set about determining the goals for our new website with 3 key areas in mind:- new/start up businesses needing help in their first steps in to running a business, established businesses who might be looking to change accountant and individuals in need of personal services. From there we wanted to plot a journey for each of those 3 areas, from a user point of view, and reflect how we can help in each case. We felt that listing the services we sell is not enough to engage, we wanted to make the journey feel like you are in the right place from the start… which is how we operate in our office. There are more exciting resources and parts of the website currently being worked on but we are happy with how this is progressing and encourage feedback with any thoughts on how we can improve the offering.

Price Davis Accountants Painswick

Social media has allowed us to engage with the huge audiences currently active on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This is critical to the progress of the digital footprint of Price Davis as we, like many other businesses, have extraordinary messages and services to take to market and they can find their context on social media. Feel free to connect with us on the platforms you use and keep an eye out for our future updates.

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This is phase one of the digital process and we look forward to bringing our ideas to life… online!