For any business to be successful, and profitable, it needs an efficient way of sending and tracking any invoices that it sends to its clients or customers.

Xero makes it easy to track invoices and payments flowing in and out of your business, and can even be done anywhere, at any time through the Xero app.

In the latest video in our Xero ‘How To’ Series, we demonstrate how to create and send invoices to your contacts, and how to allocate payments to those invoices.


We hope that after watching this you are now confident with creating and sending invoices to your Xero contacts. As with all episodes in the series you can re-watch this video, and watch future videos in the ‘Xero How To Series’ on our newly created Business Resources page on our website!

If you have any queries regarding Xero Accounting Software please feel free to contact our Xero support department on or give us a call on 01452 812491.